Feminine Fire

Feminine Fire is the ultimate program to help you learn belly dance in a way that is fun and approachable. No more overly complicated classes or video tutorials that leave you feeling discouraged and wondering why you started in the first place.

I have been a belly dance instructor for 16+ years and I have taught women belly dance in almost every setting imaginable- from “big box” gyms to boutique dance studios. After teaching women of all skill levels and ages I developed a unique system that will have any woman experiencing the joy and fun of belly dancing in minutes, not months.

I have earned the title of the “10 minute belly dance teacher”. That’s right, I can have any woman belly dancing in 10 minutes flat. Even women who have branded themselves “uncoordinated” or with “two left feet”. When it comes to belly dancing, my mission is: “No Woman Left Behind”!

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn belly dance, then this is the program for you. You’ll find the most comprehensive library of all the fundamental belly dance movements as well as a never before taught system for DIY’ing your own belly dance routines simply and easily. You’ll feel like an empowered creator in your own body as you have fun creating an almost limitless variety of belly dance routines.

Belly dance is the ultimate fun and feminine workout that you’ll actually look forward to doing! And you’ll be able to enjoy all this in the privacy and comfort of your home without feeling self-conscious or exposed in a group class.

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